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At Rogers Architectural, we have many years of experience in supplying architectural decorative glass suitable for building exteriors and interiors. We have worked on countless large scale building projects for notable architect companies all over the world with stunning results. Throughout this time, we have demonstrated the skill and knowledge to overcome even the most challenging of projects for architects and designers.

The benefits of architectural and decorative glass

Decorative glass allows architects and designers to let their imagination run wild to conjure up designs that will captivate and inspire in equal measure. The potential palette of colours we use on ultra-clear glass can instil a vibrancy to the facade of any building. Textured and reflective inks work to generate the illusion of space and depth that make glass stand out. As well as colour and depth, our architectural decorative glass offers fully sustainable design choices, complete colour matching, and materials that allow for variations in light transmission and opacity levels. Some of the features include:

  • Fades
  • Metallics
  • Reflective glass
  • Ultra-white optically bright whites
  • Hand-illustrated art and watercolour
  • Full CMYK digital

Architectural Consultation

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    As decorative glass specifiers, we work closely with architects and designers to find the right glass options and design for their project. As part of our service, we provide initial consultations to specify the selection of suitable materials in addition to engineering estimations and full project management. We also have commercial artists primed to assist with all aspects of bespoke surface pattern design ranging from detailed art to file manipulation. We have worked with some of the most renowned architects in the world and can meet any challenge with expertise and skill.

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