Four excellent applications for decorative glass

Glass is a material with outstanding universal design applications and possibilities, and none more striking than decorative glass in commercial spaces. Decorative glass can be produced in different ways to give various types, including frosted, mirrored and sandblasted glass, to name a small selection, but what is the best way to create an impressive design feature using glass?

Create a visually memorable shop front

One way to create a visual appeal on the high street is to use decorative glass to add your brand or logo to your shop front using painted or frosted variants. Contemporary glass designs are stylish and can help deliver your company message. Alternatively, frosted glass can also help with privacy for some office fronts where a level of discretion is needed.

Contemporary glass panelling

Glass panels are an excellent way to immerse people in your brand when entering your shop or office space. They instil a professional and contemporary feel that will impress clients and help protect your walls.

Chic glass floors and stairs

Glass floors and stairs not only look remarkable, but they are also practical. Convenient to clean and durable, they create a sense of drama and space within a building. Using sandblasted glass will also help with traction when walking on the floor.

Stylish decorative glass balustrades

A decorative glass balustrade can create a unique design feature, whether vibrantly painted glass or frosted glass with a company logo, enhancing light flow through a space.

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