What is an architectural glass consultant?

The world of glass, especially architectural glass, is a lot more complex than most people perceive it. Consulting, designing, and installing of glass systems is a process that requires a lot of skill, knowledge, and experience to ensure excellent client satisfaction. So, what exactly does a glass consultant do?

How it works

As specialists in architectural glass, we liaise with architects and designers to ensure they achieve the look they are after. When we are contacted to consult on small or large glass projects, we use our vast knowledge of glass products to inform on the best glass options and the most suitable design for the building and type of glass being used. In initial consultations, we will lay out all the options to the architect in terms of materials needed and any engineering estimations. Once the project has been agreed we continue to manage the job all the way through to completion, casting our expert eye over all aspects of the glass installation.

Why use Rogers Architectural?

As an architectural glass consultant, we have consulted some of the most preeminent architects on the planet with our professionalism, dedication, and skill. These experiences have further enhanced our knowledge and credibility, meaning we are capable and ready of consulting, designing, and managing any glass project. We also use highly talented commercial artists who use their skills to create bespoke surface pattern designs that help your glass structure stand out above all the others. Contact us today for more information on how Rogers Architecture can assist you as a specialist architectural glass consultant.